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Men's Chemo Care Hamper

Men's Chemo Care Hamper

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Introducing our Men's Chemo Care Gift Hamper – a thoughtful and uplifting collection carefully curated to bring comfort, relaxation, and a touch of joy to your loved one during their journey. Each item has been handpicked to provide a blend of practicality and indulgence, ensuring that every moment becomes a step towards healing and well-being and the perfect chemo care gift for him.

This Men's Chemo gift hamper is more than just a collection of items – it's a heartfelt gesture of support and care. Inspired by the strength and resilience of your loved one, each item in this hamper has been carefully chosen to enhance comfort and uplift spirits during the challenging journey of chemotherapy. This hamper is a reminder that they are not alone and that every small moment of joy contributes to their well-being.

Mood Boost Mist: Infuse the room with positivity and tranquility with our Mood Boost Mist. A refreshing and invigorating blend of essential oils designed to uplift the spirits and create a serene atmosphere.

Cold Brew Tea: A delightful assortment of cold brew infusion teas, perfect for sipping throughout the day. Hydration meets flavour with these naturally caffeine free blends.

Goat Milk Soap: Gentle on the skin and soothing to the senses, our goat milk soap provides a luxurious and nurturing cleansing experience whilst aiding in skin changes.

Ginger Bears: These chewy ginger bear candies offer a comforting treat with a hint of spice, ideal for easing nausea and satisfying cravings.

Hand Sanitiser: Prioritise safety with a pocket-sized hand sanitiser, providing cleanliness and peace of mind wherever you go.

Lip Conditioner: Nourish and protect lips with our moisturising lip conditioner, combating dryness often associated with treatment.

Calm Roll-On: A soothing blend of aromatic oils in a convenient roll-on applicator, promoting relaxation and tranquility whenever needed.

Wordsearch Book: Stimulate the mind and keep boredom at bay with a captivating word search book, providing hours of entertainment and mental engagement.

Wheat Pack: Experience the comfort of warmth or cool with this wheat pack, designed to alleviate aches and provide a cozy source of relief during influctuating body temperatures.

Satin Eye Mask: Block out unwanted light and enjoy restful sleep no matter the time of day with a luxurious satin eye mask, enhancing relaxation and promoting rejuvenation.

Notebook: Capture thoughts, jot down inspirational quotes, or simply keep track of daily reflections in a beautifully crafted notebook.

Socks: Experience the ultimate comfort with a pair of soft and warm socks, providing a cozy embrace for the feet.

Chocolate: Indulge in a moment of sweetness with a delectable chocolate treat, because a little indulgence can go a long way.

Gift Hamper Story: The handwritten and unique gift hamper story transforms traditional gifts into a captivating narrative, intertwining emotions and intentions. Each item becomes a chapter, uniting to convey thoughtfulness and love, where unwrapping becomes a journey through sentiments and cherished memories creating an unforgettable gifting experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Natasha Hawker
This gesture really hit the mark

The gift was really well received and the recipient was delighted, given this gift basket did not exist when he battled his last fight with cancer 25 years ago.

Barkha Kothapalli

Men's Chemo Care Hamper

Jessie Lim
Wrong Hamper. Service recovery Underdelivered and Overpromised. Correct hamper still not received...

We ordered this hamper on 3rd August and initially all was good and smooth. We received a tracking number shortly and a hamper was received on 6th Aug. However, 7 items were missing from the gift box. A side of the box was torn upon receiving. We informed Happiness Hamper's Marissa. She apologized immediately and promised that she would resend one to reach us by the next Wednesday (11 Aug 2021). The hamper did not reach us. We gave her another call on 13 Aug 2021 and she said that Victoria had gone into a lockdown so she was unable to secure stocks for the hamper. In the call she also stated that she got the stock already and will post out so we can expect to reach us latest by Wednesday 18 August 2021. However, its already 17 Aug and have yet to receive any tracking number from Australia Post. This hamper is a gift to provide some comfort in hard times of chemo treatment but it ended up becoming a form of distress from trying to manage the missing parcel and unfulfilled promise of the company. We are very disappointed and highly do not recommend.

Hi Jessie, You didn't receive the wrong hamper it has missing items which i apologied for and said i will be sending an entire new giftbox to Frank and not just the missing items. Unfortunately i can't control snap lockdowns, that is the Governments control so yes our stock did take longer to arrive but as it is the 17th today and i did say you would receive tracking by the 18th which you have received, there is not much more that I can do other than to apologies again.
We pride ourselves on delivering high quality hampers and service and look forward to Frank receiving his replacement gift box.

Dalia Pisk
A touching gift

From the receiver of the chemo pack:
Hi,the gift hamper has been terrific.The daily motivational cards sit on my windowsill lifting me,the lip balm and skin cream help my cracked skin and the puzzle book is entertaining...and there’s more to explore!....thanks again. Xxxxx

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