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Happiness Hampers

Afternoon Pick Me Up

Afternoon Pick Me Up

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In the midst of today's demanding roles as a mother, spouse, and dedicated employee, finding a moment to catch her breath and reclaim her inner tranquility has become an elusive quest, a testament to her selflessness. But the tides are changing.

We've thoughtfully curated a heartfelt pick-me-up, a tangible expression of empathy, gratitude, and unwavering support. A gift that bestows upon her that precious "sit and be" time, a sanctuary where she can rejuvenate her mind, rejuvenate her body, and rejuvenate her soul.

Embark on a journey of mindfulness through the narrative of this gift box. Its contents are purposefully chosen to facilitate the rekindling of her essence, enabling her to continue being a beacon for others while nurturing the sacred flame of mental self-care.

Gift Treasures

Tea Symphony: Enveloped in a porcelain embrace, the graceful tea cup and saucer, in pristine white, seamlessly harmonize with any home decor. Microwave and dishwasher friendly, each sip of tea becomes a reminiscent voyage to the day she received this token of thoughtfulness from you.

Calm Elixir: An herbal symphony of chamomile, lemon balm, lemongrass, and rosehip dances in the Calm Herbal Infusion. It's a symphony of calm and wellness, inviting her to immerse herself in moments of tranquility and simply breathe.

Delicate Delights: Raspberry & White Chocolate cookies, these exquisite treats, are her passport to a fleeting moment of indulgence. Whether to savor solo or share at her discretion, this is her time for pleasure.

Essence Revival: An essential oil roller, a blend of zesty essences, becomes her revitalizing companion. Elevating her spirits, it infuses her steps with a renewed energy to conquer the day's challenges.

Bathtime Serenade: The Bath Tea Bag, an infusion of dried rose petals, lemongrass, lavender, and chamomile, whispers a captivating aroma. As she indulges in its embrace, daily cares fade, paving the way for a tranquil escape into the night.

Gift Packaging: The above gifts are packaged in a large white gloss magnetic close gift box, sage green luxurious paper, white paper shred and fastened with our HH was seal. The chosen gift card note and gift hamper story is presented in a white card suit. The box is tied in sage double satin ribbon with beautiful bow and finished with our large scented white gerbera and then presented in our branded Happiness Hampers calico bag.

This gift, laden with thoughtfulness, speaks volumes of your appreciation for the roles she embodies. It's an ode to her ceaseless dedication, an affirmation of her strength, and a reminder that amidst the bustling orchestration of life, her well-being remains a symphony worthy of nurturing.

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Customer Reviews

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Present for friend

My lovely friend was going into hospital so thought I’d cheer her up. She was surprised and thrilled. Thank you

My mum loved it!

I sent this to my mum for Mother’s Day and she said it was like Christmas opening the box and discovering what was inside. These hampers are great quality and very thoughtful.

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