What Is The Happiness Hampers Gift Box Story And How Does It Make A Difference?

Many years ago I watched the movie "Letters To Juliette" and fell in love with the concept. I must confess, I've now watched that movie, like 20 times and know the script off by heart :-)  The heartfelt gesture of these ladies replying to heartbroken women all over the world, really touched my heart and I so wanted to be a Juliette. Even though it's a movie, what's real, is the emotion expressed and felt by the handwritten letters, so when I started Happiness Hampers, it was always going to form part of our gifting structure and is something no one else in the gifting industry does.

So how does it work?

Every Happiness Hampers gift box, delivers an emotion due to a life event and I, Marissa the HH business owner (Juliette wannabe) read through the personal card message and get an insight into what life event the recipient is going through. If there is no message, I call the gifter and ask some questions, so I know I am on the right track.

From there, I begin looking at each gift within the chosen gift box and create a personalised story giving purpose and life to the products inside and taking the recipient on a journey of Happiness, Hope or Comfort. This is my way of being Juliette!

What difference does it make?

Having a personalised handwritten gift box story makes a world of difference. At Happiness Hampers we are about creating an unboxing experience, so after removing your silk gerbera and double stain ribbon the box is opened like a treasure chest of goodies. At this point normally and with other gift box and hamper companies, the recipient thinks oh that's nice, lovely, pretty and so forth, emotion done! But with a Happiness Hampers gift box story, the recipient reads the gift box story card whilst holding the product and FEELS the emotional bond and further more, each time they use that product, they are reminded of the story that went with it and creating a memory. To us, that's true gifting!

So when life happens to one of your loved ones, think Happiness Hampers, they deserve nothing less xx


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