Founder & CEO Marissa Lake enjoys taking time away from her gifting business to speak at conferences, retreats, workshops and on podcasts. She especially enjoys speaking to groups of women who are rebuilding after domestic violence, suffering anxiety or depression, are looking for more purpose and meaning in their life, start up business owners wondering if it's all worth it,  among many others.
Marissa's life story of learning she was adopted and self sabotaging her early years, to losing her husband due to alcholism bought on by PTSD on Valentines Day 2014 and the sudden and very sad passing of her beloved Dad in 2018 makes her a quickly connect with audiences. Marissa's real and raw story combined with her warm and approachable spirit, motivates and inspires audiences that out of life's darkest moments, we have the inner ability to create light.
Resilience Mindset Podcast
Corporate Vision - Small Business Awards
Best Emerging Gifts Company - Happiness Hampers 
Apac Insider - Australian Enterprise Awards
Most Innovative Gifts Company - Happiness Hampers
Resilience Mindset
CEO & Founder Marissa Lake speaks openly about how resilience helped her rise after the sad passing of her Husband and her Dad. She explains the coping mechanisms she uses and how Happiness Hampers was created as a way to remember both the men in her life. Founder


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