Why It's Imperative To Plan Your Corporate Festive Season Gifts Now

So here we are in mid July, how did this happen so quickly? The year is certainly flying by and Christmas will be here before we know it.

In general it's always good to plan things early, but in corporate festive season gifting, it's essential. Before starting Happiness Hampers I'd walk into stores and see Christmas decorations, bon bons and alike months out from Christmas and think "what tha", is this really necessary, but in the past 3 years since commencing Happiness Hampers I know why it's imperative for businesses to get in early and plan their festive gifts. 

The lead up to the festive season is intense for the gifting industry and I know that by not speaking about it now, does our clients a disjustice and here's why.


Our Vendors begin their Christmas holiday ordering discussions with us in late August early September to get volume projections from us and for our small business owners, who we LOVE supporting work on a much smaller scale and therefore time is of the essence for them. As we provide gift design and WOW our clients, we want to give the best options on products available and not scale back on your product selection options the closer we get to the festive season.


As much as we would love to help every Australia business that contacts us, we sadly just can't. Our gift design is a complementary service and from the initial design consultation via Skype or Face to Face and beyond, takes relationship building. understanding your business ethos and a lot of time, which has us have to cap our gift design service during peek periods. To ensure your business brand gifting isn't left to the last minute or worse still left to the office girls for DIY, book a no obligation gift design consultation with us today, to avoid disappointment.


We have seen for over a year now, how sudden lockdowns affect Australian Businesses. The roll on affect from that is, delays in shipping and unavailability of certain products due to suppliers themselves unable to receive products as part of the manufacturing process. With getting in early, we give ourselves more room to move in the event that a new lockdown does happen.


The festive season is stressful enough with the added business and follow ups and last minute things your business requires, so by getting it done early, it's one less thing you have to worry about. Whilst it may seem a pretty simple process creating gift design, when we work on high volume quantities during peek periods, it takes a lot of time, space and hands on deck to perfect the WOW gift for you, gift assembly, stock control, recipient list management, ribbons, shipping among other's. We pride ourselves on delivering "True" gift design and not the red and green box of wine, nuts and biscuits others are used to sending and receiving. So, to give you the very best WOW factor festive season gifts that are a true reflection of your personality and business ethos takes creativity and that flows better when time is available and stress is less.


The sheer scale of parcels and packages being shipped across Australia in December is huge not to mention the affects lockdowns and COVID have. It only makes sense that we plan for packages that may take longer or in the worst case go missing and need to be tracked down which of course takes time. By planning your gifts early, you have the option of sending them out earlier thus avoiding the added risks associated with festive season shipping. In fact we have had businesses in the past send gifts in late November which in turn has you and your brand stand out more.

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