Meet Our Founder

I've always been an expressive writer, I loved creating poems that spoke from the heart and truly believe life is about gratitude and kindness. In 2009 I married my love and wanted to create a heartfelt wedding welcome gift for my  110 guests. I thought long and hard and came up the perfect gift, a "happiness kit" wishing them a life of wellness, happiness and love. The pleasure this gave me was immense and the response from my friends and loved ones was beautiful. 

I always wanted to give more in life, I knew I wanted to create a life of giving, that reason to bounce out of bed and whilst I had many ideas bouncing around in my head, nothing quite ignited.

On Valentine's Day 2014, I would feel pain like no other with the sudden and sad passing of my much loved Husband Barry. It took many years and so many unanswered questions for me to be able to get through a day and be thankful for the time we had and not hurt and focused on the day he passed. Sadly 4 years and 4 days on, I would experience pain again with the sudden and sad passing of my Dad. The 2 men in my life were now gone, my questions arose again. Why Me?



I took off for a few months to North Queensland where I knew no one and worked on self healing, I missed Barry and my Dad fiercely, but came to the realisation, I was still here, I had to go on! One night laying under a star studded sky it came to me. A Gift Hamper Business For When Life Happens! This was personal and the fire in my tummy to bring Happiness Hampers to life was huge! 

For weeks, I sat and planned how HH would offer gifting of a difference for our valued customers. From the colour of the boxes, white representing my wedding dress, black representing Barry's wedding attire, the gerbera my Dad's favourite flower, Happiness Hampers is in honour of 2 wonderful men who I loved very much. 

I didn't want a lifeless box of "things" wrapped in a pretty box, I wanted to give more!  I wanted a gift that spoke, that personal gift that truely let people know someone is thinking of them! With my passion for writing heartfelt messages and poems and my love of the movie "Letters To Juliette" I found the link on how Happiness Hampes gift boxes would speak. A handwritten gift box story that takes the recepient on a journey of Happiness, Hope or Comfort that brings life to the gifts inside!

We believe true gifting is in providing the personal touches an unboxing experience like no other, from the untying of the double satin ribbon, the keepsake wooden rose, the handwritten notes and card.

Our gifts represent the true emotional connection between the gift giver and the gift receiver. Our gift box collection is for all the moments in life from ones of celebration where the gift box story is one of happiness, joy and celebration, to moments of divorce, mental health, unemployment, illness where our gift box story takes the gift receiver on a journey of hope, being that hand that lifts them up and shows support, to the sad moments in life like a cancer diognosis, the passing of a loved one or child and so forth where the gift box story wraps them in a hug comforting hug, letting them know you are there for them.

At Happiness Hampers, we understand life isn't all unicorns and rainbows and why when life's moments happen to you or your loved ones, think Happiness Hampers.

Sending you love & light

Much love

Marissa Lake

Happiness Hampers Founder & Gift Designer