Happiness Hampers Story

On Valentine's Day 2014, with great sadness my husband passed away from alcoholism brought on by PTSD. I watched as people didn't know what to say to me, honestly what do you say to anyone who's just lost their partner, let alone on Valentine's Day?
On February 10th 2018 I lost the other man in my life, my much loved Dad, seriously the 2 men who meant everything to me, were gone, just shy of 4 years a part.
During these times I watched as people generously gave flowers as the "go to" gesture with the idea of thinking of you, here for you, with greatest empathy... and whilst beautiful, I thought, a bunch of 5 day death!
I knew boxes of alcohol & food or an expensive bunch of flowers
wasn't the only way to express heart felt messages for life's events.

 This became my focus and priority, Happiness Hampers for when life happens.
Hi, I'm Marissa, CEO and Founder of Happiness Hampers.
I bring light and love to others through my Bespoke, Custom & Corporate Gift Hamper & Care Box collections.
From the highs of a new baby, the purchase of a new home, graduating from school, birthdays, new promotion & so much more, to the lows of everyday life like cancer diagnosis/chemo treatment, illness, miscarriage, loss of a loved one or pet, breakups, mental health and so much more.
Truth is......Life isn't unicorns & rainbows 
Life, is an unknown carpet ride of events with many twists and turns and things happen to everyday people we care about, everyday! Sometimes there's just no words and distance means we can't physically be there to comfort or celebrate.....and that's where I come in. I am your gifting angel, that creates and delivers that warm hug, shares in the celebrations or says the words you simply can't, that's what my gift hampers do.

Since bringing light into Happiness Hampers 2 years ago, I have sent a few boxes that have really touched my heart.
A Super Hero Care Box to a little 5 year old Melbourne boy Rory, who has a rare brain cancer. To see the smiles on his face upon opening his Super Hero Hamper was electrifying and comforting. Even if for just 5 minutes, this gorgeous little boy got to forget about his illness and treatment and just BE, him.
A Hospital Stay Box for a young man in mental rehab who is now on the way to turning his life around. Sent from his sister, it gave him comfort and the words that his family were there for him and believed in him.
A Women's Chemo Care Box the first box I ever sold. Whilst exciting, it came with some sadness that I hoped with all I was, that this lovely lady would be a survivor.
Why Happiness Hampers you ask? ...... Simple
Every hamper tells a personalised story that 's told through the items of choice, then handwritten on the complimentary card. All our hampers & care boxes ARE express posted for just $19.95 because we understand that time is of the essence.
When you call, you speak directly to me, because I truly care about you and your loved ones. Happiness Hampers is personal service, not a large corporate business that churns out 1000's of hampers a day to make a profit. I am about personal service and true understanding from my heart to yours.
So remember.... when life happens......THINK HAPPINESS HAMPERS
Much love M xo








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