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Men's Chemo hamper

Being diagnosed with Men's Cancer is a traumatic and emotional time in his life where no words can truly express your love and care, but our Chemo Care Box can.

Purposely curated to assist in the changes associated with Chemotherapy treatment it truly gives comfort and support. This hamper will lessen the overall personal struggle of chemo treatment all in one box and express your deepest thoughts.

This is a true gift of care & thought.


Moo Goo Toiletries Travel Pack - During chemo treatment the skin goes through many changes and becomes quite sensitive. These products are all natural and care for the skin during and after treatment

Pocka Dot Socks - Keeping your temperature regulated during treatment can be difficult. Wearing these pocka dot socks not only look bright and happy but aid in keeping you comfortable.

Medi Pack Cold/Heat Pack - One of the main conditions experienced during chemo is high fever. The benefit of the reusable cold/heat pack is that you are covered for both temperature changes

Moo Goo Lip Balm - Mouth sores, cracked dry lips and ulcers are all conditions that can be associated with chemo. With Moo Goo lip balm it aids with lip changes giving comfort.

Activity Book/Pencil - Keeping the mind busy and distracted plus aiding in memory changes during chemo is benefited by completing activity books. Let your mind wonder and be free to forget the moment.

Sleep Kit (eye mask, ear plugs) - Changes in sleep pattern is associated with chemo, the sleep kit allows you to catch up on sleep no matter what time of day or night

Thankyou Hand Sanitiser - Germs are the enemy when going through chemo as your immune system is low. This handy carry hand sanitiser will keep you germ free.

Scented Candle - The flicker of a candle and the gorgeous aroma allows you to see light even on the darkest days you'll see light

Twinnings InFused Iced Tea - Keeping hydrated is a must during chemo and iced tea is perfect for sipping throughout the day and has a beautiful taste

Buderim Ginger Gummy Bears - Nausea is a horrible feeling and sadly one that comes with chemo treatment. Ginger is proven to assist with upset tummy and nausea feeling and great to add a little more comfort to your life.

Our hampers are beautifully presented in our signature white box, orange satin ribbon with a beautiful Affirmations gift card complete with hamper story and your personalised message. ** Please complete your personalised card message in the additional notes/comment section of your cart before checking out. 

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